Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Ass 1, Uma Paddle 0

Saturday night at the new basement dungeon in our friends' house, Master chained me to the cross and threw pretty much everything in the toy bag at me.   He said he was going easy on me, because it was going to be a long night with many play opportunities and he didn't want to wear me out first thing.   But, after a particularly hard swing at my butt, which left a bruise, (I can still see it)  there was sadly a casualty.  We lost dear Uma, the smiley paddle (hahahaha gloat, gloat).   Perhaps she can be rebuilt better, stronger, but I have my doubts on that.   Master says she now needs an eye patch, like Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill.  

Kill Bill 

Somehow, I don't think that will make her less creepy.

I'd like to show the dungeon, but maybe kaya will take some pics (hint, hint) because it was extremely cool, with the Halloween theme, all sorts of furniture to play on, a cage complete with spooky zombie at the back, and a watcher's/lounging corner with comfy couches and pillows.  


  1. You broke the paddle... hmmm... there's a couple here that could do with that treatment. What's your address???

    1. 16 Wallaby Way, Sydney

      I will contend that HE broke the paddle. He was swinging it, I was just standing there.

  2. Paddle can easily be repaired AND improved, simply join the two pieces with epoxy then when that has cured, use the same epoxy to glue on the back of it a piece of cloth, working the epoxy well in. Trim and cut out the holes with scalpel or half a razor blade and there's your new, improved paddle! Lacquer thinner cleans unwanted smears (but also dissolves varnish so be careful.)

    1. I think it's done for. RIP Uma. Sad, so sad. And here I thought she was getting to like me. But you know the revenge feelings she will have should she come back to use? After I (er... He) broke her? My ass will be toast.


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