Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Job

Some days, I have nothing to write. 

Other days, I have so much going on I don't even know where to start. 

Yesterday we spent the day together looking at houses, but Master then decided to accept a job in the opposite direction.  He just wasn't all that taken with the area, and I agreed.  He took me down there to get my opinion. 
He's done small town living, he didn't like it, and this town would have been smaller than any he's ever lived in. 

  He starts Monday.  The area seems to be a good and growing one, with plenty to do and a larger community than we have here. 

  He won't be home every night, because it is quite a ways from here and the hours will be long.  He'll be home only on the weekends, most likely, which has me alternating between sleep destroying anxiety and a resigned acceptance.  I haven't been without him for more than a few nights in years and I feel quite dependent.    

We will still have to move when our house sells.   We'll be looking for another small farm so we don't have to get rid of our animals.  The dogs are really family anyway, most of them.  
I tried to think of a few positives today.

  • Instead of my bedtime routine I'll be able to read in bed under the covers. (Ohh, how I will miss the routine, though)
  • I can eat bacon sandwiches with mayo.  (Master detests mayo with a passion).
  • We can have phone and/or cyber sex. (Ok, I'm not that excited about that one compared to the real thing).
  • The weekends will have the intensity of reunion sex and play.   He'll have to beat me harder to make it last.  ;)   
  • He promised I can have lots of orgasms. 
  • ?
  • The big one:  he's EMPLOYED and thus we won't run out of money.  YAY!

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