Wednesday, October 23, 2013

House Hunting- Now With More Cunt!

So, I totally fucked up the appointment Monday to look at houses and by the time I figured out what Master actually wanted, it was too late to change it.    He wanted me to go look without him all morning, and then to go back to look at the best ones with him in the afternoon since he only worked half a day.   I had arranged to meet the real estate agent at 1:00 and only look at houses together, which meant we didn't get to see very many.

It was just a misunderstanding, and though I felt bad when he very sternly pointed out that I had messed it all up, he later said that he was glad he got to see them all, since my idea of a pretty good house and his are totally different.   We only saw one that I liked, and he found it unpleasant and totally unsuitable for us.  I mainly liked it for the land, outbuildings (barns!) and location (lack of neighbors and privacy is a biggie).   I also liked the big kitchen.   He looks more at the interior structures, plumbing, electricity, the layout and the need to have TWO bathrooms.  He needs and deserves his own bathroom, after all.   I suggested putting in an outhouse, but he didn't think that was too funny.   

We had a fun time just being together though, like a drive in the country day, but with more purpose.   Sometimes on quiet stretches he made me pull down my pants.  Fun, fun!

On the way home he did the same, then slapped my thighs (hard!) and stuck a finger in my very wet cunt.   

Needless to say, by bedtime I was a rolling boil of hunger.   He wanted to whip me, so he put me in position on the floor and stung and slashed with the short whip.   He motioned to me to remove his shoes, then his belt and pants, underwear and socks.  I did so while kneeling in front of him.  He pulled me in by a grip on my hair and ears (handles, he calls them) and shoved his cock into my mouth.  I ate it up eagerly, and he continued with the whipping.  He pushed me away, back down on to my back and laid the whip on my front, every time it struck between my legs they would reflexively try to snap shut, even though most it wasn't that hard.  

"Are you trying to protect your cunt from me?" he demanded.  

Ummmm, yes, I said, only inside my head, because owie!   I don't know if I said anything at all out loud or not, but I spread my thighs for him once more.   Then came the super stinger, right on the cunt, leaving a big red weal.   I really yelped at that, my legs snapped shut, and it took all my self control not to continue to try to hide myself.   Or maybe crawl away and hide under the bed.  No, that would be bad, really bad.   On top of that soreness, fucking felt fabulous.  

And now that it feels better, I want him to do it again. 



  1. I liked the part about the outhouse! But I think you deserve a good pussy whipping for it!

    1. Heh heh. Last night was all about me being a hole for his pleasure, which is also good. This weekend, however, promises to be very painful for me. Grin.

  2. "I mainly liked it for the land, outbuildings (barns!) and location (lack of neighbors and privacy is a biggie)."

    Once I get a job and we have two incomes, we'll look for exactly that. I want a house with a little land, and no neighbours... I hope you find something good in the end!

    And also, sexy!


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