Monday, August 19, 2013

Becoming A Puddle

First I watch the laying out of the implements, the preparing of the ropes.   I don't watch with intensity, instead, only out of the corner of my eye.   I'm mainly looking at my Master, and joking lightly with some friends standing nearby.   I feel the same nervous excitement, the anxiety, that I always feel before a big dog trial, right before I step out on the field in front of everyone (I know this is a weird juxtaposition).  

I have the need to pee, but since I just went I know it is only fear talking and I ignore it.  I have the sense that while things are under control now,  they have the potential to go very, very right, or very, very wrong.   I know that soon there will be agony, and I am hoping ecstasy as well.  

I undress and Master makes sure I'm covered against the chill of the night while WiDomher gets things ready.  

This man and I step together under the swing frame and he ties my wrist cuffs to overhead ropes.   I attempt not to feel intimidated, but in truth I have difficulty raising my eyes to his.

After a nice warm up there is a whole lot of beating with various implements.  I know this is the part that some of you really want to hear details about, but this is also the part where my brain goes all fuzzy and I'd have to start making up stuff to make any sort of sensible story.  I'm not interested in making up stuff, so this is what I remember.  Probably not in any sort of order.  

There are a few times when he grabs both nipples and tries to lift me off the ground with them.  I have delicate, tender nipples and they did not like that one bit.  The rest of me, the cunty bits, said "Eh, let them suffer, we're getting all wet.  Screw you, nipples".

Then he got out the knife.  I knew there was going to be a knife, but did not think it would feel quite so much like it was actually cutting into me.  It slid down my back, down the center of my chest.  My inner thighs.  There was no blood, but dang, that felt like cutting.  He threatened my squishy bits.   I think my nipples were laughing this time:

 "Hahahah, you cunty bits will get yours now."    

A song fragment flashed into my brain:

"This time when he swung the bat
And I found myself laying flat I wondered
What a way to spend a dime
What a way to use the time, ain't it baby"

from  Truth No. 2   : Dixie Chicks

Of course, I wasn't laying flat, since I was tied upright.  

The single tail whip flicks across me, first lightly and pleasantly then getting harder, cutting welts into the backs of my thighs.  Sometimes it cracks loudly beside my ears.  Oh fuck, it makes me want to cum.  So fucking hot.  It makes me want to get fucked.  
 I can still see them now when I look in a mirror.  Which I keep doing.  Ahhh. Nice.

Just when I thought perhaps I couldn't stand any more he switched to wrapping it around my body.  This didn't hurt as much.  Like a big old whip hug, right?  Ok, maybe it hurt more than that.

Then the flogger on the front, my thighs and pussy.   I wanted to come, badly, but could not without the command.   He made me beg my Master to let me come.  Louder, and louder, I begged until I felt I was practically shouting.   I wondered if the the whole place could hear me over the music?   

Master said "No, not yet".    So I didn't.  I may have whimpered.

There was some kind of flogging or beating implement that REALLY FUCKING HURT when used on my front.  Did I mention my tender nipples?  Yeah.  So they got yanked again.  For being so delicate and tender.

Cane, paddle, I don't know what all...and then this big old flogger, which came smacking down the middle of my back over and over, and it made my brain go to mush.   I was half-sobbing, gulping,  starting to hyperventilate.  

Soon after that he took me down, held me all the way to the ground and covered me with a blanket.   I was deep into subspace, and I began to smile and then to laugh.  Master was beside me,  telling me to cum, again and again, and I had massive orgasms.  WiDomher was on the other side, lying with me.  Then I giggled some more.  And came some more, on command.   I floated there, on the floor, being a puddle, for a good long time before I was able to come back to the world around me again. 




  1. I giggle too when deep into subspace...everything's just too hilarious! Glad you had such a great time at camp.


    1. Thank you! I love getting the giggles.


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