Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Arrival at Camp


On the way to camp Wednesday, I had started feeling achy and getting a sore throat, like I was coming down with something.  Along they way we stayed at a hotel, and the aches even woke me up at night.  I was really worried that being sick was going to mess with our camp fun.
I woke up feeling horrible still, and complained to Master about how I felt. He had sex with me anyway, because HOTEL SEX. :)  That is totally a thing, right?

 I took some ibuprofen, had coffee, breakfast and a shower with Master and felt somewhat better.
We arrived at camp right on time.  The guard at the gate told us "Welcome home," and it really did feel like coming home.

Camp is camp, no matter the location.  Familiar faces everywhere. Familiar tits and asses everywhere.  Familiar scenes of flogging, whipping and fucking everywhere.  Ah, home.

I felt a lot better just being there.  We got signed in, were led to our campsite and began setting up our tent right away.  When our friends T and WM arrived we helped them set up.  Their tent was a lot easier to put up than ours was, and now Master has Tent Envy. Rain squalls threatened to soak their impedimenta as they unpacked it, but we got it all put away before the deluge.


We attended the kinky icebreaker game.  I put my name in for a spanking.  We had played this game years ago at an event and I remember how deadly nervous I had been back then.  Now, it was very easy to sign up for something, talk about it for 30 seconds with the person whose name was drawn, and then do it.   I also put my name in for other people's activities, and my name was drawn twice, for hair pulling and also to receive a massage.  The massage was from someone I knew online but had never met in person.  We talked about doing a scene later, with Master's permission.  Master got to do some stuff, too, but I wasn't really watching him, being involved in other things at the time.

The first class we went to that afternoon was called "Fucking Mean"- all about how to make sex hurt more.  Master "voluntold" me to to be the demo bottom.  No, I didn't have to have sex right there in the class, but I did get thrown around a lot.

 It was fun listening to the experiences of the other people, but most of the things that could be done from a Dominant male to a submissive female were already things my Master does.  He's creative, plus he pulls in ideas from all over.  As a bonus, we got to meet the couple that had been organizing the gang bang with Master.  It was going to be at least a double gang bang, with more women joining in possibly as bangees, which makes it more of a group gang bang than an orgy, as I technically understand these things.

On the way back to our tent, we stopped by a conveniently placed sex swing alongside the road and had sex. Of course!  It was amazing!  All that swinging and banging!

After that, we went to the opening ceremonies, grabbed a quick s'more by the fire pit, then Master wanted to do the kinky speed dating event.  
I was very nervous about this, and it turned out to be pretty exhausting.  It involved talking to each person for 3 minutes and then moving down one seat and  talking to  the next person.  I think I could have done like 3-4 conversations without strain, but there were so many people and it was so loud in the room that my voice and socializing abilities were exhausted.  Many times I ended up just listening to the other person. Although sometimes I couldn't hear what they said.   The sides were not divided up into male/female, just random, so we each talked to anyone that lined up.
  We were supposed to rank our top three connections, but by the end I couldn't remember anything and I had neglected to make notes, so I didn't even turn my sheet in for the matchmakers to use.   However, the good part of it was that I did meet some people that I was able to talk to more later.  Master also met someone with whom he had a great conversation about the Washington Naval Limitations Treaty  
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Naval_Treaty and its effects on the development of the heavy cruiser, and how the limitation to ten thousand tons affected cruiser design for the next twenty years.  He also talked deeply of the trials and tribulations of the US Mark XIV naval torpedo type later on by the bonfire. 

After grabbing some dinner from the food cart, we got changed for the Time Traveler's Ball.  I wore my Jeannie outfit and Master dressed as a Roman.  It was basically a kinky costume party with costumes from the past, future, or Dr. Who, including a friend of ours who came dressed as a Dalek.

Very quickly after we got to the dungeon, which at this site was a big building rather than a tent, Master had me stripped and tied to a cross.  He used the floggers, belt and single tail most wonderfully until I was well in subspace, then he put me in a cage and did various things to me through the bars.  Being in a cage put me in a whole different, objectified headspace, helped along by him calling me "it" the whole time.   It was very erotic, but more than that, too.  It is hard to describe, but I'm sure some out there understand.

Afterward, we were back to the sex swing, this time in the dark, then off to bed down in our cozy tent.


  1. Tent envy..that made me chuckle lol

    Is this your third year of going?

    I like the idea of the kinky speed dating, but like you I doubt I would remember very much in such short bursts, but it sounds fun.

    Blimey that was a lot packed in to the first day, you must be exhausted by now!

    1. This was actually our fourth year at camp. Totally new grounds, new state and everything this year though.
      I am exhausted still! Trying to get back to a normal routine is hard. Especially when I spend half the day writing.


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