Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Friday at Camp


I woke up ungodly early, a few hours before sunrise.  I lay still and cozy in the tent until I started seeing daylight, all the while listening to birds and traffic and not waking him up.
When Master was awake we ventured down to the dungeon/coffee genius setup and I had a vital boost of caffeine.

The first class of the day was Rituals in D/s which was fun and interesting, but again didn't cover anything we hadn't heard about.   Maybe we are not new enough for classes, I was thinking.

But then there was bootblacking, which I've never done.  At best, I've done shoe polishing, which is not the same. I learned a lot during the class, and then later at the leather bar I got to experience it, on the receiving end, which was fricking amazing, for reasons, but now I'm getting ahead of the story.

At 2:00 there was the science book club.  The first time I heard of the Tryst book club I was a little doubtful that it would be great to stop doing all the kinky stuff and just talk about (non kinky) books.  Last year I'd just been thoroughly beaten and was so far in subspace at the club that I wasn't much of a contributor.  But I've discovered that it is a really wonderful break and I'm getting to really like the people that attend, too.  There are more common interests than just kink here!  

At 3:00 there was a wedding reception.  Yes, really.  It was a dessert reception organized by PK for our dear friends Travis and Wolfmoon who got married recently in a small family ceremony.  I made pecan pie because Travis had told me it was his favorite.  

Then it was bullwhip class at 4, and I was the demo bottom (Yay! Shivers of ecstasy), a brief snack break and then:

The Gang Bang

 This was to be a camper led event that Master and Lex and Squeekers(see her tumblr) were in charge of organizing.   Master and I were both worried that people wouldn't come (ha, pun!) or the wrong ratios would come: ie. too many bangees, not enough bangers.  In addition, I had worries and fears that I wouldn't like it, or that I'd freak out in the middle of it, or other bad things would happen.  After all, the only person I knew there was Master.
It took place under a tent, and we set up a flooring of tarps, carpet and wrestling mats, all provided by the wonderful and ever resourceful camp gnomes (you are the BEST!).

First, Squeekers and I had to write all our rules on a white board.  Then she wrote her name on herself, for ID purposes.  Master wrote a bunch of stuff on me that wasn't my name, like "Slut with holes" and such things.  I couldn't see them very well, actually, so I'm not sure what they said. 

 He started me out on my knees sucking his cock.  Someone I couldn't see began fondling me from behind.  I got on my hands and knees and who ever it was began fucking me.  Then someone else replaced Master in my mouth.  It was hard to keep track and I didn't even try.  We estimated about 7-9 people, including one woman, fucked either my mouth or cunt or both. It was overwhelming pleasure.  Some of the men were mean and made me beg to come but didn't give permission.  Some were nice and made me come over, and over and over.  But all in all that didn't matter much to my enjoyment, as I loved it all.  I love having both my mouth and cunt full of pumping hard cocks.  My ass was off limits, due to my Master's rules, but Squeekers, I heard, was getting fucked that way a few times.   My Master used both of us, and sometimes he was just near me, or keeping track of the whole scene, or slapping me.  He once stood on me with one foot as I lay on my back, and also did a little breath play with me.  

After about an hour and a half everyone was tired out and had wandered off except for our original foursome.  Both of them ate my pussy. At the same time! I came.

 They invited us over to bite and slap her while she was getting fucked.  I thought my bites were quite mean, but she said later they were gentle!   They don't live all that far from us, so I really hope we get to meet up again and hang out.  Or, whatever... you know. :)

Leather Bar

We almost didn't go.  I was tired, uncomfortable, whiny and getting on Master's nerves; he wasn't sure he wanted to deal with cigar smoke.   We sucked it up and went. 

Missing it would have been a huge mistake.

The leather bar was huge this year, made of canvas and lights and pvc, but transformed into a hot and sexy magical space.  Also, we were visited there by the Scotch fairy.  I bet you didn't know there was a Scotch fairy. 

 Ya'll who built this have my awe and respect.  

We met PK there, and did a quick negotiation for a scene that we'd be talking about in vague terms since before Tryst. Master told me I should speak for myself this time.   I thought right then and there would be the perfect time and place to do it.  He threw me to the ground, in the gravel and dirt outside the leather bar, surrounded by crowds of people, and began slapping and hurting me.  It was intense, and hot, and violent.  Then he began pinching and twisting my breasts.  It hurt so bad I tried to push his hands off, which didn't work at all.  I was on the ground, and he was over me.  A wave of primal fear and anger swept over me, caused by the pain.  I had the impulse to hurt him back, to do anything to try to escape from that pain. It was in my awareness that my fingernails are almost 1/4 inch long and tough enough to be used as screwdrivers in a pinch.  I could just dig them in...then it flashed into my mind just as quickly that this would be a stupid thing to do.  This is what your safeword is for, dummy.  I said RED as clearly as I could, and he stopped.  Master also heard me in the midst of the crowd noises and came to see what was wrong.  I could not explain what was wrong, so I just lay on the ground trying to catch my breath.  I wasn't sure I could continue, but I also wasn't sure I wanted to stop, so I just waited.

Eventually they helped me up and we talked again.  The boob torture placed off limits for now, we started up again.  I loved the face slapping, and other places slapping, and being thrown all about.  And having my butt punched as I bent over a chair.   Then there were big hugs all around and I went off  feeling a certain smiley glow.  

 We entered the leather bar proper.  And the backroom, where there was a big sign saying "Entrance here means consent".   

Master and I did stuff together.  Naughty backroom stuff. It was fun.

I was wearing my thigh high boots, and was at the bootblack station in time to witness an incredibly powerful moving occurrence there.   I waited in line, as WM had invited me to have my boots done, and they are new but they had gotten a little scuffed and dirty when I was thrown around in the gravel.  It was really wonderful, comparable to a leg massage, and she is so damn sexy all the time anyway.  But then her owner/master/husband (Travis) told her to put the conditioner on with her tongue.  The conditioner is non-toxic, mainly beeswax (as I learned in class earlier).  She started licking it on and it was even more amazing, sensual, almost sexual.  Which was not something I would have ever imagined feeling.  Anyway, I need Master to get some leather boots now so I can learn this. 

After that, we stopped by the sex swing for some fucking, then back to the tent for more fucking.  I see this is becoming a pattern.

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