Thursday, August 6, 2015

Month Alone

Master and I have almost a month without kids now after leaving them with the grandparents.  The first new instruction started as soon as we were driving home: "Slaves don't get underwear."  

We had an entertaining drive, with fondling, me half undressing and then covering up before passing another car, and getting us both very aroused.  

We had managed a few quickies on our trip, but mostly we were very lacking in privacy.  Once he fucked me in the shower.  

While staying in this cabin in the woods we had our own bedroom and separate bath, unlike the hotel where us and the kids were all  in one room.

Very nice cabin!
 At the cabin, I was brushing my teeth, totally unsuspecting, when he stepped into the bathroom, pulled me out by the hair and put me on my knees in front of him. 

Wednesday afternoon, at home again, he instructed me to wear only one of his old dress shirts, nothing else.

We had friends coming over, maybe for play, maybe just to hang out and have dinner, I wasn't really sure.

We ended up with me and the other sub tied together with Master and her boss playing a twisted game of "Name that Tune" as they beat out rhythms on us with hurty things.   We each had one nipple clamped with the clover clamps, and whoever was able to name the tune first had the clamp removed for one tune, but then it was put back on.  The one who didn't name the tune was left to suffer.  

I'm pretty terrible at that game.  I only guessed two songs- Yellow Submarine (he ALWAYS does that one) and Summertime.  The second time Master didn't even take the clamp off until he'd given me something like a dozen more whacks, still singing as if he hadn't heard me.   The poor nipples are still sore today.


  1. Very nice cabin indeed! Kidless.....i cannot wait to read here...:)..
    hugs abby

    1. Today I've been getting things ready for a play party we're hosting this weekend!


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