Monday, August 10, 2015

Great Weekend!

In a whole weekend of amazing crazy kinky fun times, this was the part Master most wanted in my blog:

He's tying me to the cross (borrowed) in our basement Sunday morning, and says "I've given you a sock.  Do you know what that means?"

I say questioningly "It means I'm a free house elf?"

"No.  It doesn't mean a damn thing, bitch!  You will always be my slave," he corrects me with a big grin.  

Then he turns to Saumya, (Reference previous blogs here and here) who is laid out on the floor on a couple of cushions, who he has previously beaten into a puddle like state and then wrapped in blankets to rest and recover, and says:

"She loves that part best."   



  1. i love the sock stuff, it's awesome! where did your Master put the sock when He gave it to you? Your parties are great fun, i'm so glad you all have the time to do that!

  2. *big grin* So many layers of Dominance in those sentences ... :D


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