Monday, August 10, 2015

In So Deep

"Ball of Girl" involves roping several willing subs/bottoms/slaves together in a standing position, and then the Dominants, Tops, M-types or switches beating on them with various implements.  Sometimes the Tops move around the ball, and sometimes the ball has to rotate.  Sometimes if one person has a really evil implement there is a struggle within the ball to turn someone else's ass toward that side.   There is always a ton of laughter with this game, and also squishing boobies together in the middle.  It is tons of fun. 

After many toys were used and many rotations were done, I ended up in front of Mystique and her single tail.  She started whipping me and I went into subspace.  I never wanted the feeling to end, as it felt AMAZING, but evidently I began swaying dangerously and threatening to take down the whole ball, so she grabbed me and said I needed to be untied.  This took a while, and she held me the whole time, then we sat on the couch with me cuddled in her lap for what seemed like a few minutes but Master said was more like half an hour.  I was so deep that I could hear people talking to me but couldn't respond with much more than mumbles.  Eventually she needed to get up and Master took over the cuddling.




  1. oh this sounded like so much fun, I like that sort of game/predicaments


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