Thursday, August 13, 2015

Two Days Off

He took two days off from the beatings, Monday and Tuesday, though Monday night we still had sex, but last night Master was ready to hurt me again.  I still have some bruises from the caning Saturday, right at the top of my thigh and turning yellow now.

He put me on my knees in front of him.  I sucked hard, eagerly, so aroused by arousing him.

Then he told me to get up and turn around.  He warmed me up with the crop and got the whip out.  Nip, nip, nip, it went biting all over my back.  

He grabbed me hard and made me come.  He told me to get into bed. I sucked him while he smacked me with a short sword.  I moaned around his cock. 

 He asked if I wanted to be raped (note: not really rape) at sword point like he had done to m___(link) the other night.  I said yes.  He pressed it up against my neck, the cold steel felt sharp on my tender skin.   I didn't think it was sharp enough to cut me.  I was still afraid to move.  Even when I came it was muted by not wanting to thrash around, just a little clench.

 Master hypnotized me again.  He'd gotten some more help/tips from Whispers (whose presentation we'd gone to, HERE) when he was at our party, so it has gone better than ever in the last two hypnosis sessions.   I could tell a difference even without knowing what the tips were or being consciously aware.  Whispers thinks I walk around half in a trance much of the time anyway!

Then... some things happened, erm, time passed I guess.
We were fucking.

Then I was on top and he was twisting my collar and half choking me with it.  I came.  A bunch of times.   Then he came hard too. 



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