Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lollipops, Sanctuary, Choking and Whips (Saturday)

Saturday morning begins with sex, and the search for coffee.

  This year there was a fantastic person who volunteered to make coffee, the fancy gourmet kind, for anyone that showed up.  He accepted tips to pay for more beans, but didn't charge if you didn't have money.   Master told me what kind of coffee I was getting, called me "it" and told me what to say. I was wearing my collar, leash, cuffs, nothing else.  It was rather delicious, like the coffee.  

When I had coffee and Master had tea (we brought it from home, just hot water was needed), we ran into Fetishep, who was giving out lollipops.  Not the kind you eat, the kind that is made of leather, hurts and leaves a nice swirled circle pattern on skin.  The previous day, at the kinky icebreaker, Master had asked if he could give me some marks while singing the Lollipop guild song from the Wizard of Oz.  The first time Shep raised the implement I shrank back out of the way, so Master stood behind me and held my arms behind my back.  The lollipop looked like it was really going to hurt, and it did, but in a good way.  The marks were really cool too.  I still have a faint one above my right breast.  

From there, Master led me into the dungeon.  He'd brought his book and was hoping for some quiet reading time with me in the big cage, but we quickly remembered that the cage was at the leather bar now, across camp from us.  So instead he told me to grab the cross and he began beating me.  This was a surprise! But not an unwelcome one.  I think this was when I got the big ass bruise right in my butt crack. From his belt. Ow, that hurt.  He turned me around to face him and brought out his knife, running it over my neck and body, scratching me lightly.  He told me he was going to cut me.  I worried that we weren't in the blood/medical area.  He stabbed me with what turned out to be his credit card.  Then he made me think, for only a second, that he'd brought along an electrical zapper.   I wasn't fooled for long. Really! I wasn't! much...

Master used his belt on my front, and the floggers and whip also.  I was so delighted and grateful afterward when he told me "Remember you belong to me, this is a reminder".  

Of course I do, always.


Imagine a sun dappled woods, distant from other campers, a teepee strewn with red and earth tone blankets and pillows, the floor carpeted.  A wooden mat leads to the door.  A couple of people sitting still in silent meditation.  Along one side is a metal dog cage covered with red scarves.  Inside the cage is a white fluffy blanket.

This is the Sanctuary.

Master has been leading me on a chain leash since our scene at the dungeon, and once inside the tent he removes it, tells me to take off my shoes and get in the cage.  I do, and I ask if I can bring my coffee in with me.  He says yes.  A slave/pet in a cage with coffee, what could be better?

 He settles down beside the cage to read his book. I lie for a long time looking around the tent, watching the patterns of sun and leaves on the roof, then finally close my eyes and just exist.  It is extraordinarily relaxing.  I'm curled up, because the cage is a tight fit for one small person, but not uncomfortable thanks to the blanket.  I'm naked of course, except for collar and cuffs. I'm usually naked at camp if the weather is warm, on Master's orders. 
 I carry a towel or cloth around with me to sit on furniture.   After a long time, but before I'm completely cramped and stiff, he lets me out, replaces my leash, and we head down to the taxi pick up point, finding a friend to chat with while we wait.   Camp comes with golf cart driving taxi volunteers so you don't have to walk everywhere if you don't want to.  Luxury!


I had never been choked out, or choked to the point of falling down before.  Last year at Tryst, Travis would have done it but my Master veto'd all breath play.  This year, he told Travis it would be ok.  

We met by the appointed tree at the arranged time.  WolfMoon was there too, and he told her to go get her penis (strap on) and wear it.  Travis checked one more time to make sure choking was ok with me.  Yes, absolutely, I would love to try that.   She held me as he warmed me up with the floggers and some touching.  Then he got the whip.  Just when it was really beginning to sting, WM started jumping around like crazy and we saw she'd been placed right on a nest of ants and they were swarming up her leg.  After getting rid of the ants, finishing laughing, choosing a new tree, and checking for ants thoroughly by stomping around, Travis started up again on me with the whip.  Then he stepped in close, almost kindly.  He crooked an arm around my throat and I felt the light headed sensation that I've had many times when Master has done this with his hand or belt on my neck, but this time it was different when Travis just kept tightening his chokehold until my legs buckled.  He and WM both supported me so I wouldn't fall.  The sensations of coming back were very odd.  Everything was fuzzy, especially my hands, which seemed not to be there at all.  I could see them, but they felt gone.   He did it a few more times, and also with the whip wrapped around my neck instead of his arm. I just couldn't get over my vanishing hands.  So weird.   It wasn't frightening, like maybe it should be, because I know it IS more risky than a lot of things we do, it just seemed amazingly odd.  

He gave me back to the arms of WM, my head on her breast and my hands gripping her forearms for steadiness, and the whipping gradually grew harder until I was hissing and yelping in pain, and finally dancing around.  He ordered me sternly several times to hold still, and I tried, I really tried.  A few more hard strikes and I began to tremble in a combination of pain and ecstasy.  Soon after that he stopped.  Master said I had blood running down my back and I should get washed up when I was able to walk.  This took a few minutes, getting me out of my daze, and the gnats were starting to cluster on my back.

 I did not whine or protest going to the shower-- see I can learn!

Lessons learned

That was last year.  This year I got my warm shower and scrubbing, which hurt, but nothing like as bad as the freezing cold water.

This is how it looked the next day:

 And three days later:

Then there was Saturday night, but I'm going to put a To Be Continued here...

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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely back! It is plain to see that you wear these marks with pride.


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