Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Electrically Charged

Saturday, Saumya brought her electrical toy with her. 
It's not powerful, as far as zappy things go, but it makes a big noise, and if you get zapped two or three times in the same spot it HURTS.  Or if you happen to hit a nerve wrong.  For those reasons, it scares me.  Plus, it is electricity, which I just don't like.  It's not the sort of pain that gets me off.  Although, as we will see, fear and force will do that anyway.

It started in the basement, with another Sadistic type (Sophie) zapping me, with permission from Master.  Master did some zapping on my arms and legs too.

Then it continued later that night, as I sat at Master's feet.  I was becoming unraveled by fear as Sophie contined to zap me and Master ordered me to hold still (I was trying to block).  I tried to hold still, but I was trembling.  Finally after a few more zaps Master said "Ok, slave, go get me another drink" and I stumbled off trying to regain my composure.  

That was all until later on, when Master had Saumya and I alone and he zapped both of us more times.  He threatened to zap my cunt, and nearly did it a few times, but not quite.

We played the Prisoner's Dilemma game with the tire tread paddle.  Beatings and fucking lasted well into the night. 

It wasn't until the next morning when he ordered me to lie on the couch and spread my legs.  He held the zappy toy again.
He'd just finished fucking me (again!) so I was very wet. 
I wondered if it would hurt more in the wet.  He allowed me to pat dry with a towel for just a second.   He got the zapper right up on my cunt and touched me with it, but didn't push the button.  I think I was begging and wiggling.  Everything but holding perfectly still.  But I managed to keep my legs spread.

One of those times when we were both on the couch, Saumya and I, Master said, "Look, I'll do it to myself, it's not that bad."

We lay there looking completely dumbfounded as he shocked his own dick.  The resulting yelp of pain was kinda hilarious.  Not that bad, huh?  

He still didn't zap me on the cunt, just other places, my ass, my thighs.  He fucked with my head a lot and then let me get up.

After breakfast he said "You know I'm going to zap your pussy this morning, eventually".  

I was feeling brave and said "Let's get it over with then."

 Back to the couch, legs spread.   He teased me a few more times, getting it close, and again I couldn't help begging him not to do it, even though 5 seconds earlier I had been all brave.

He put it away.  A second of relief.  Then all in one motion he picked it up and zapped me on the cunt.

I tell you, all the mind fucking was worse than one zap.  
Maybe not worse than a series of zaps though. 

Still later Sunday morning, Master was beating us and fucking us again, more fucking than beating this time.  He had us hynotized as well, but I still remember everything (I think!).  He brought out the zapper and was making the noise without touching me.  He told me whenever I heard the sound I would get aroused and my cunt would clench.  It began to do just that, but I was so frightened and helpless lying there I started crying at the same time.  He told me later that even in my trance my eyes flew open with an "Oh fuck no!" look in them.

Clenching. Crying. Oh fuck.  So fucked.

He put it away again and said we were done with that toy for the day.

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