Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Leaving Soon

We are heading off to Tryst in about 2 hours now.  The car is packed and ready.  I'm just killing time.  I can barely stand to wait and Master is ansty too.

The owners came over last night to pick up their St. Andrews Cross, and of course we used it before it went home.  Brat got her turn on it first. Master beat me, with the misery stick, single tail, machete and belt, even the buckle end, and then Sophie did also, mainly with floggers, but also with her fists and a cane.    I was all noodle-legged and giggly afterward.

The basement looks so empty now.   Also, the living room no longer prominently features a spanking bench/stocks.  I guess we're ready for the kids to get home next week.   

But first, kinky vacation!!


Flogging Class

Today is Pokemon Community Day, so I'm hoping it doesn't rain so we can get in lots of walking and catch some of the special Pokemon...