Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pet Agility, Librarian Field Trip, And More Feels

Ever since I heard they were planning a human pet agility course at camp, I was interested in watching.  Puppy play is not something we do much, except for that one time. I wrote about it here.

When I saw people gathering around the course from our campsite I asked if we could go and Master said yes.  When we got there I was still on the fence about actually wanting to do it.  Master motioned me down to the ground on the puppy mat I had brought and put my leash on. 

Then someone offered me knee pads to use and I was ready.  I had to crawl through a tunnel, jump over jumps and through a hoop and do weave poles.  You may not know that for several years I trained actual dogs to run agility, so I've been on the handling end many times.  Never on the dog end though.  When I came out of the tunnel I thought I'd have a little fun with it, and do like I've seen real dogs on the course do many times.  I stopped and waved at the crowd, then ran off to sniff a tree.   Master smacked me on the butt and told me to get back on the course.  (He would have been SOOO disqualified in a real dog agility trial!).   It was hilarious and fun.  

The other fun and brand new experience for us on Saturday was a field trip to the neighboring campground where they were holding a Mr. Leather contest.  Normally, once we get to Tryst we never leave the "Tryst World" for the entire 3 or 4 days.  But this time was an exception. It was within walking distance, and while it wasn't exactly "us" it wasn't exactly different than us either.  Many of them (up to 100? went the rumors) had come to the Leather Bar Friday night, a very special deal for all of us, I think.  If you are on Fet, this is all that was posted about the contest:

Someone over there had dubbed us "The Librarians", I guess to be a code word for whatever we are.   So it became the Librarians Field Trip, with a whole group of us passing behind the large curtains painted with DMZ, traipsing over to watch the contest.  

So many sexy dudes there :).  And all wearing hot leather gear.  Some of us (ahem) were getting over excited by this.  I know statistically speaking, some of them were very probably bisexual... but anyway, I'm digressing.  It was fun, and hot, and I didn't even come close to guessing the winner.  

Here is some more information on the larger contest:

We arrived back at camp just in time to see the bonfire being lit.  The drums were beating a compelling rhythm and it didn't take long before I was dancing around the fire, with only a little push from Master.   I wasn't the only one dancing and circling the fire.   Neither of us had the sexual energy at this burn, so unlike other years, we didn't fuck beside the fire.  Instead, we headed off to the dungeon where Master had a flogging date with a pretty girl.  I watched all that was going on- many scenes were happening all around me.  

After his scene we began to plan more fun with our friend Elaine, who is a transgendered woman.  It would be a double bondage binding on the cross, with her back to the cross and my back to her. My front exposed. 

Elaine's arms were tied up in a new improved tie that Master had just learned in rope class that day, so the more she struggled the tighter it got and she found escape impossible (and this is for a semi-pro escape eel!).  My hands were tied back using cuffs and leather straps to the cross eyebolts, so we weren't going anywhere. 

I was really not feeling very masochistic any more, with my back  stinging, but once I was all tied up Master wanted to beat me. He can always do as he likes with me.  He punched my thighs after I said they were one part that didn't hurt yet.  Then whipped me with his belt and floggers.  He did some knife play, which was really hot. 

After it was done, we went and sat by the bonfire, watching it burn until late into the night.  Master was talking with people about naval treaties again, and I was just zoning out staring at fire. 

Sunday we managed to pack up our tent and campsite before heavy rainstorms struck  (I needed some prodding from him to get moving).  

Closing ceremonies were emotional as always, and I broke down and cried- twice- from the bittersweet feelings it brought out.  Master held me as we swayed to the music.  This is our Tribe, our friends, our people, and some of them we won't see until next year.  Some live closer, but even then, it might be months until next time.

One Tribe , THE camp song played at opening and closing.

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