Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Sunday night I went to bed just fine.  I had a sex dream, about going to an orgy, and somehow twisted my back in my sleep, waking up to excruciating pain.   I didn't even get to join in because the back thing happened as I was getting ready for my dream-orgy and pain woke me up.   Master began to comment about my waking him, but when he realized how much I hurt he went and brought me some medicine.  I pretty much limped around all day through my chores.

It was a lot better by Tuesday and he was able to use me.  He flogged me hard as I knelt on the floor in front of him, once catching my asshole with a wrap (ow!) that made me scream. 
I went from not aroused at all to a complete dripping, moaning slut eagerly slurping up his cock in a few minutes.  

He had me fill my ass with the butt plug, sent me to the bed and he brought the magic wand and the dildo.   He filled up all my holes, fucking my mouth and my cunt, and using the dildo on the opposite hole.  It was quite delicious.   

I thought Thumper needs a picture here:  




Morning Hotness

I had just showered this morning when Master came upstairs "to nap" and found me getting dressed.  He told me to put on some u...