Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week off!

My Master has the week off.   Yay for vacation!

My knees are weak, my arms are shaky, my ass is sore, and my lips and jaw are aching.  Yeah, it has been a good couple days. 

Yesterday we had a ton of errands to do, including getting to the Rudolph Cheese Factory a little after 9 am.  The place was absolutely packed.  Parking lot full, throngs of eager cheese buyers lining the few aisles.  Pretty much all they sell is cheese, other than a few sausages.  If I ever have doubted that I live in the land of cheese, I didn't yesterday.  The people were out for all their holiday related cheese needs.  I really wanted to do some Monty Python jokes, but it didn't fit because there was cheese of every kind, enough for everyone.  We got a bunch, including some fresh out of the vat cheese curds which were still warm and squeaky.  I ate some on the way home.  They are so good with that mouth watering texture!  If you are not from around here you probably don't know what you're missing. 

We also went out to lunch at a noodle place, and brought home some bao (steamed buns) for later.

It was a very nice day, wrapped up right at the end (before the kids got home) with some time for us to play.

He told me to go get my buttplug in, and then I sucked his cock and he paddled me. He sent me back for the misery stick.  Sometimes the sucking and beating was simultaneous, and sometimes he'd have me stand and bend over to whale on me a bit more.  He tied a tight chest harness on me, making my tits squished and popped out for extra sensitivity.

When he took me upstairs he used the belt on me, then fucked hard doggy style on the floor.  It was awesome and painful with the buttplug in.
Master let me come multiple times as I rode on top of him and used the vibrator.  He had me take out the plug, roll over and present my ass for his plundering.  I'd had a dream about that the night before, but this was much better. 

And still later than night was when he wanted the blowjob. 

Today, again, another knee trembler.  

He had me use the butt plug, and suck his cock for a very long time.  He ordered me to lie on the floor and play with myself while he kicked me or stuck toes against my cunt for me to rub on.  

I had, I don't know, half a dozen hard orgasms before he took me upstairs to flog me.  After the flogging, he turned me to face him and snapped the belt at me. I have marks now on my inner thigh and mound from that belt.  He put me over his knee and beat me with it the regular doubled over way.  I was so high by then, pretty deep in subspace, it all felt great.

I don't know what else he did, but there was sucking and fucking and beating for hours all together.

I was completely starved afterward.  


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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJhq9eq_eJg
    We could have asked for Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.


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