Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Sexins and Beatings

When Master got home this morning I was all ready for him- undercarriage washed, leather collar and cuffs on. 

 He quickly had me on my knees, worshiping.   After a short while he told me to go put in my butt plug, which slid in easily this time, and then back down to give his cock more attention.   A while later, he told me to fetch down the misery stick so he could beat my ass.   Which he did, as I was sucking.

He took me upstairs then, beat me more with that painful stick, and then a two handed beating with twin back scratchers.  Those things hurt.  I actually began to cry after a while.  A little more sucking, and then he got out the new knife, the one from the party.  He scratched all over me, gently, not to break skin, while I tried to hold really, really still, enjoying the sensations.  When the knife (or something cold and metal) was prying at my lower lips I felt a trembling and self destructive urge to thrust my pelvis upward to meet it.  I didn't.  I lay still, but there is no denying the urge was there.   

Instead, he took the knife away and began hitting my cunt and inner thighs with the bamboo back scratchers.   He let me orgasm, then got me up on my hands and knees.  He told me to tuck in my string (there is a string on the butt plug) and close my legs.  He flogged me then, going harder and harder, and moving through several positions until he was ready to send me to the bed. 

Master told me to get in bed, and he followed me.  He looped the leash that was still attached to the headboard around my neck, and put me on my side sucking him while he spanked me again, this time with the paddle.  He handed my my glasses and a book and told me to read.  It was difficult to keep reading during the paddling, but even more so when he rolled me to my stomach and fucked me from behind.  It was tight and intense with the butt plug in, but he forced me to keep reading sexy bits of the book to him, as he pulled back on the leash, reining in my neck, until the fucking grew violent enough that I just couldn't resist tucking my head down and letting the book fall.   

He moved me through several more positions before I ended up on top, having many orgasms, even one that was not commanded by him (oops).   


  1. Oh my....that is some way to start your day!
    hugs abby

    1. It was definitely a good day! After that we worked a bit, then did errands and went for a walk.


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