Friday, December 4, 2015

Nipple Clamps

Master did a little experiment last night to see if the nipple clamps hurt more when I had to put them on myself, or when he did it.

I checked with him first to make sure I could put them anywhere on my tit- yes, anywhere- and then clipped them to the skin near but not on my nipple.  That did hurt a lot less.  Then he pushed me down on the bed and fucked me hard, pulling the chain, and with all the bouncing and pulling it began to hurt a lot more.  He moved them to my nipples and it felt like the stings of a million bees.  By the time he got done fucking, bouncing, pulling on them I had tears coming.

He moved the clamp to the spot just above my clit, which also hurt, but not as bad as my nipples.  He kept on fucking me, pulling the chain, making me come.  An orgasm on top of all that hurts three times as bad.  At the same time it was the pain giving the orgasms more strength.  Feedback loop?  

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  1. In my case, it definitely hurts more when he puts them on. He always puts them right on my nipples and I put them on below my nipples.

    I can feel the pain *before* he puts them down below. lol. In my opinion they are called "nipple" clamps for a reason. ;)


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