Sunday, December 13, 2015

It All Started...

The Implements of Doom:  leather strap, lighter, knife


It started with a kick between my legs.   I had been kneeling with my head to the floor when Master walked into the bedroom, came around behind me and kicked me.

"Get up, drop your robe, and grab your dresser", were his brief commands. Then once I was up, "Wrists". He tied my hands with the leather strap.

The floggers were first; they felt so good against my back.  He worked me over from shoulders to butt, then had me kneel again for some hard down strokes.  

He had me stand again, and switched to a cane, used very hard and painfully, so that my feet began to dance in place first, then to the side, away from the cane.  Master steadied me with his leg in front of me, bending me slightly over his knee, and kept going, commanding me to be still.  By the time he moved on to the misery stick I think I was getting a bit subspaced.  

Then the paddle, which proved me not so deep in subspace, because that sucker hurt!  After four or five hard blows to each side I was close to crying.  He grabbed my butt cheek hard, dug his nails in to the tender spots, and squeezed hard.  A painful ecstasy pushed me to the brink, just as the command came: "Come, whore!"

I got a few seconds to rest until I heard the snick of the new knife blade opening.   He traced across my back slowly and sensually at first, and then with quick stabbing motions that made me wonder when the blood was going to start flowing.  I know he must have been careful, probably not even using the blade at that time, because I wasn't cut up, but at the time my mind was playing tricks on me.  Not just my mind, Master was tricking me.  

He put away the knife and took the lighter around to my back instead.  I could feel its heat brushing me, and then the metal touched down.  I flinched.  A few more gentle brushes of the heat, and the dreaded clicking.  He made me close my eyes and lift my chin as he came around in front of me, clicking the lighter near my chest, just under my chin, near my face and my messily disarranged hair.  It was all I could do not to panic.  

Then he was done with the fire, telling me to get into bed and spread my legs because he was ready to use me for his orgasm.  He fastened my leash to my collar and ordered me onto my stomach. He spanked me again with the wooden paddle before telling me to raise my ass so he could thrust into me from behind.  My hands were still bound by leather strap.  He took the leash off temporarily when he was done and told me to go remove the strap and put on my wrist cuffs for the night.    When I came back to bed, he snapped the leash to my collar and I snuggled up against him, so grateful to be his and so grateful for this night.  



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