Saturday, December 12, 2015

Getting Up, Difficult Decisions

Well, I undid my own leash today.  After several weekdays of being tied by collar and leash to the headboard (which I LOVE, beyond all bounds of how much it is reasonable to love something as simple as being loosely tied at night), of getting up at the same time as Master and him unsnapping the leash for me , I undid myself today.    Saturday morning he likes to sleep in, whereas I wake up early thinking


I waited for hours in the bed, quietly (ok, maybe it was not hours, but I couldn't see the clock and couldn't reach my glasses). It finally came down to waking Master up (forbidden), undoing my own leash (unsure if this is allowed) or making a mess of the bed (just gross). 

I chose unsnapping the leash myself, which I hope was the right decision.
I should find out soon enough. 

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