Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ass Paddling

Master had been home just long enough to eat a quick breakfast today when he bent me over the kitchen counter and got out the cutting board.  The special ass paddling one.  

It hurt pretty bad too.  He grabbed me by one nipple and drug me into the living room, tossing me unceremoniously over the couch arm.   He paddled me again, then I heard the jingling as he took off his belt.  I got a half dozen or so snaps of the belt before I heard his zipper as well.  He took me and fucked me there, for just a few minutes before he pulled out and went back to the paddling.  He came around to my face and had me suck his cock while he hit me more.  I was twisted around, but making it work. 

 There was more fucking and more paddling, until after a bit he told me to go upstairs.  I asked if I could use the bathroom and he said "Hurry up" just as wound up for another big blow aimed at my ass with that cutting board.  I hurried right out of the room so he barely connected, just a swish and a tap, which made me giggle.

But when I came back he took me down to the floor by my hair, shoved his cock in my mouth and selected the even more painful holey paddle.  I don't know how it is worse than the cutting board, but it is.  Perhaps something science-y related to drag and air resistance.  Anyway, it hurts the most.  Holey paddle, holy hell.

When I was good and sore he took me to bed and allowed me many super-orgasms.  What a day already!  I am one happy slave today. 



  1. I would be one happy and very tired slave...
    hugs abby

  2. How fun! It makes me think that we need a theme day ;-)


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