Saturday, November 19, 2016


No, this isn't about a slave being powerless.  Well, actually it is kind of, but also Master and everyone else.

I woke up early this morning, and when Master got up I made breakfast (biscuits and sausages was what he ordered). I had just gotten the dishes cleaned up when our electricity went off.  Being on a well, this means no water because the pump doesn't go.  No shower. No toilet unless you use some of the water we keep stored to dump in the pot and manually flush.   Also, no internet and the only phone that works is the one in the basement, an old style one.  Cell phone- that's a nope.

Master made a fire and we read books or played card games
(Fluxx) while huddled around it.  Did I mention that this is the  first real wintery day we've had?  Yesterday it was 67 and today it went to about 30 degrees with the wind gusting at 30 mph.  That spells cold!  Especially when we weren't used to it.   

When I went upstairs to get dressed, Master fucked me quickly on the bedroom floor.  Currently as I write I'm waiting for him to summon me again because he said he would... for purposes. 

 Eventually the kids were getting too restless, so Master sent the three of us off to the library.  The kids could play on laptops while I tried to go for a walk and hunt Pokemon.  This was miserable (fierce wind gusts coming off the river!) so I ended up in a little cafe that had a sign advertising free hot cocoa.  I could get Pokemon there and facebook so it was all good.   

When the power came back on at home Master sent me a message and we went home, stopping for pizza take away.

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