Sunday, November 6, 2016


We finally got to burn those two trees that were cut down in the summer with the help of our friends, mainly Hasufel.  Many other friends helped us haul logs and branches to the pasture back then, not to mention the hard work of the kids!

Saturday was our monthly munch, with a topic on STDs which was a really great and open discussion.   Then we went to dinner and afterward had a few people come over for the fire. 

  Master, the older kid and I had built up a huge stack of teepee shaped branches earlier that day, with a cardboard chimney in the middle, and the fire took off quickly in a huge column many times my height.  The sparks were falling everywhere, blotting out the clear night and the stars for a while.  It was really beautiful, and I felt quite blessed to be able to spend that time with my dear friends and my Master.   Also, there were s'mores. 

  After that our house was filled up with the kids' friends and they had a rowdy "sleep" over (by sleep I mean stay up late and play computer games and not sleep). Teen age boys are loud!

I made pancakes in the morning and then the extra kids all went home, which was good, because I had taken to hiding in the bedroom with my computer.  There is only so much rowdiness I can handle with any sanity left.   I really am somewhat of a recluse. 

Master and I did our canvassing, then I made dinner and worked on a few other things like laundry.   

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