Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Busy Week Already

It's only Wednesday and I feel worn out from the week already.   I didn't even stay up all night working Monday night like Master did.

I was pretty much falling apart yesterday morning.  My feelings of worry, guilt and worthlessness had totally overwhelmed me and I couldn't get my head out of there.

  Still, there were too many things to do for that, so we pressed on.  We ended up back at home after lunch with only 40 minutes before having to leave again, but Master made the most of it.  He had me talk dirty to him on the way home in the car, and he told me he wasn't going to give me a command to orgasm at all.   If I could have them without that, then I was free to do so, but if not, well, sucks to be me.  He pinched and twisted my breast while driving.  I was getting really ready for him at that point. 

When we got home I started throwing clothes off, and he told me to get upstairs.  I wasn't going fast enough so he smacked me on the rear and told me to hurry up. 

Once upstairs, I knelt in front of him and sucked him, then he told me to go get something to beat me with.  I picked out the arrow stick.  It hurt.  A lot. 

He put clothes pins all over my cunt lips, and my nipples, while I continued to suck him on my knees.  Then he fucked me without removing them and it pinched bad, so bad that I came several times without needing a command.  There was more beating after that, he took the clothespins off, and then he fucked me again, with my wrists tied to the headboard.  As soon as he was done we had to jump up and run out the door again.  

I felt so much better though.  

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