Thursday, November 3, 2016

Struggling: KOTW

The leather pulls gently against my wrist as my Master slides the makeshift cuffs over my second hand.  He expects me to make this easy for him by positioning my hand in the right shape and place for him, and I do, of course.  Once the fastening is done I am tied to the headboard rails.  He moves around to the other side of the bed and yanks my legs down, making me stretched tight, arms over my head, leather strained against my wrists.  My eyes are bright with desire for him.  

He is between my legs, and now I'm pulling against the leather on my wrists, struggling not because I want to get away but because it feels so good to pull against something, to struggle to try to get away, but not to be able to get away from him.  His weight is pinning me down, he's taking me, using what his his, and the pull of the leather cords sends me into a deliciously lustful frenzy of fucking.

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  1. "but because it feels so good to pull against something" THIS, so much this!


  2. The feeling of 'wanting' to escape yet being taken is so sexy isn't it.


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