Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Primal Electric

There is moment in sex when I turn from "girl" or "woman" to something rather beyond that.  An advanced state of slut: mouth wet, cunt wetter, body loose and ready.  Then sometimes, like last night, there is a moment even beyond that.  He had just ordered me to fuck him while on top, I had been between his legs on the bed, the vibrator between my legs, and when I lowered myself on to his cock my whole body was tightly full of electricity.  I felt like a beast, primal, my cunt gripping hard at his cock, pulsing it.  I didn't know if I was coming or going.  My mind was so full of the electric fireworks that I couldn't tell anything beyond that.  It was an eternity of pre-orgasmic delight as I rode up and down.  I stretched it thin, holding off the completion of the orgasm, but it felt like the beginning was already there.  Then he came and he ordered me to come at the same time.  

Yeah, it was like this:

He had started out by going down on me, and I was uncomfortable at first, but by the time he tied me to the bed and fingered me I was bucking against his face and fingers in a wanton way.

Then paddling my thighs as he fucked me with my legs up on his shoulders, clover clamps on my nipples and cunt lips, more fucking, and sucking.  And finally, the fireworks.


  1. Whew, god- that sounds lovely! Makes me wish Q and I had the weekend to ourselves but alas, we do not. LOL Ah well, denial only makes the release sweeter when it comes.


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