Monday, November 14, 2016

Much Needed Beating

Last night I received a much needed beating and I feel quite improved in mood.   My Master seemed to have great delight in delivering it, so it ended up that I was happy I asked for it.  Although after the first few un-warmed up really hard strikes I experienced a fleeting bit of ruefulness. 

  My ass is still welted up a bit and sore, though I have no marks that would really show up in pictures.   I can still feel the bite of the misery stick across my shoulder and only a ghost of remembering the pleasurable sting as he caned the soles of my feet lightly.  I guess it was lightly because they don't hurt now.  I was pretty far into subspace at that point.

He fingered me roughly and then fucked me, mouth and cunt.  He told me he was thinking of someone else (I don't know who) and using me for my holes. My cunt is a bit sore today too, in the most satisfying of ways.  

We had ended Saturday night with a quick fucking, after a previous "bent over a chair in the bedroom and fucked" episode Saturday afternoon.  Neither of those stopped me from waking up Sunday morning horny and touching myself.  He woke next to me and took over the fingering from me, then took me. 

  I made pancakes for breakfast, did some laundry and then we spent Sunday afternoon moving huge logs around to reorganize the woodshed, which had become disheveled with all those logs we threw in there.  All the new wood that was in the way of the good burning stuff stacked in the back had to be moved to Master's garage. Of course first we cleaned the garage enough to fit it in and he also finished chainsawing the remains of one of the trees he cut down.  I helped by moving the pieces away, which then had to be moved again

I also drained and stored all the hoses for winter.  After that and then making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen I was pretty tired out.  But we still wanted to go for our walk!  Two miles in the dark but with a full bright moon, and a deep chat about life and things was really good.

Then, of course, my beating.   I'm ready for the new week!    

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