Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Honest Talk

Master gets the hot water in the shower, of course, because he's Master.   I get the cold side until he gets out.

This morning we were showering together, I was washing him as usual, shivering, and he says:

"You're not gazing at me adoringly, are you? You're just looking at that hot water and thinking about how good it will feel."

I said "Pretty much."

Honesty is important, right? 


  1. Honesty is everything. Loving this dose of reality too!

  2. I do love that reality that noone ever speaks of. :D

  3. Ha. Fortunately he leans over and lets it hit me and even holds his hands up to keep it out of my face because I'm so short and if I start shivering, we switch for a few minutes. But that's the Daddy part of him.

    1. My Master sometimes sprays me with the hot water, sometimes blows cold air on me to enhance my suffering and sometimes pees on me. I never know.

    2. I am grateful when it happens :).

  4. Michael from Hamburg, Germany

    happy thank's giving to you both and your familiy ! I wish you the best ... !



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