Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TMI Tuesday: It's Complicated

1. How do you gauge the success of your romantic relationships?

Are we both happy?
2. How often do you prefer to talk about sex with your lover?

Multiple times a day. 
3. During sex, what is your top priority?

Obedience.  A feeling of submission to his will- that is absolutely the high point for me.   Pleasing my Master, that is up there too. 
4. What advice would you like to give your partner to be a better lover? Are you afraid to give that advice?

No, I'm not afraid.  I give him advice all the time, he just does whatever he wants anyway.  
5. While in the moment of having sex, what is the best way you like to receive feedback from a lover that they are enjoying or are not enjoying sex a. moans and groans b. tell me in dirty talk c. give me direction or be explicit d. just fuck, tell me later if it was good for you

Oh, the moans and groans are the hottest.  I also love it when he gives explicit directions. 
Bonus: Are you an idiot? Why or why not?

Oh, sometimes I do dumb things or get kind of spacey.  Not in general though, in my own humble opinion.  



  1. simultaneous happiness, that’s what I should have said.

    have fun on your road trip!


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