Thursday, October 19, 2017

Days Like This

After a delightful lunch for three, we moved on to his bedroom.   I stood in the center of the room, my hands behind my back, looking down, waiting.

My Master was somewhere behind me, I couldn't see.  
Dr. Peter undid the third button to my sweater.  I had already undone the top two before I left home, just so.

 Dr. Peter used a leather tawse to tease the material away from my nipples, playing and stroking each one.   I sighed and arched myself to meet the delicious touch.  He gently lifted each breast free of the sweater now that it was open nearly to my navel, but didn't remove the garment entirely.  I felt even more exposed than if I had stripped myself down to nothing at all, being this way partially and deliberately uncovered.    

He began to pat each breast with the tawse, then to strike more firmly until I gasped in pain. Master pressed close behind me and pulled my arms back tightly, making my chest arch outwards even further.   

I was stripped completely, invited to step out of my skirt, which I did awkwardly and then knelt on the bench at the foot of the bed.   

Two hours later.  

All I can remember is the cricket bat and a cane that turns into a sword.  This is the first time any of us have used a cricket bat as a beating instrument.  I liked it.  It was less painful than some other implements even though it looks like a paddle.  It's made of willow- I'm not sure if they all are, or just this one.

The list of implements they used, from Dr. Peter:

Thin rattan canes, stingy.
Thicker rattan canes, thuddy,
Malaysian Dragon school cane
Smoked Dragon school cane, crook-handled
Whangee Cane  (this one has knobs, which makes it extra painful)

A picture from the web, whangee canes:

Extra long Smoked Dragon canes (one dark brown, one reddish brown, with wrapped straight handles).  Afterward I sniffed the handles to see what they were wrapped with and it was a fragrant leather.

Three tawses (two Scottish, one American) made with bridle leather.

A walking stick which concealed a sword.  I didn't see what they were using on me until later, but I could feel the sharpness going up and down my back.  Also between my legs, poking painfully into my tender bits.   I can hold very still when I need to.

And the piece de resistance,  a Tench Sports cricket bat, used by both Master and Dr. Peter. Made with willow.  Thuddy.
After all the beating and sucking and fucking was done, and a final cup of tea was shared as I sat gingerly in my chair at the table, Master and I were on our way home again.  

I love days like this.  

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