Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Man In Black

Sitting at the kitchen table with my computer, listening to Crime and Punishment on audiobook, I heard steps behind me.  I smelled leather first, then a gloved hand went across my mouth.   A large knife, machete really, was at my throat and Master told me I needed to get upstairs.  He was dressed all in black.  Felt hat. Black suit coat. Black vest. Black jeans.  Black leather gloves.  Only his tie was gray, setting off the black.    He whispered in my ear as he ordered me to strip and then held the knife against my neck "You know what is going to happen next, don't you, Dolores?"  I shook my head as small as I could so as to avoid jostling his knife.  

"I can rape you before or after I kill you." That's a chilling thing to hear, even if I don't believe it.  My heart was pounding and my breath quick and shallow in my chest.  "It doesn't make any difference to me which way," he said coldly.  The knife traced down my chest.  

"These violent delights have violent ends." 

"There are only two ways you live tonight.  Either everything you can well enough to please me and make me want to keep you.  Or fight me and escape."

I felt no fight in me at that moment, and not knowing what I was supposed to say, I answered "I'll do whatever you want, Master."

That was the wrong answer, he told me.  He shoved me down on the bed and pinned my arms over my head.  He took the leash and wrapped my wrists, tying them off.   He entered my cunt straight away, and I was wet but somewhat unprepared.  It was tight.   He put his hand on my throat and pressed down.  Before I got light headed he let go and removed the gloves.  He used them to slap my breasts and my face.   Master had me in many positions, going from my cunt to my mouth and back repeatedly.  

In the end he came in my mouth and as he was doing so he held my head still in his hands, impaled on his cock, for a good long time; it seemed like minutes, as I tried to breathe and swallow at the same time. 

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