Thursday, October 26, 2017


We were watching porn on the couch.  Well, he was watching porn.   I was bent over Master's lap, giving head, so I didn't see any of it.

He let me flavor his dick with my cunt once (that is what he says), but then I was to go back to sucking.   His hips rose up to me, his cock deep in my throat making me unable to breathe and getting me close to gagging.  His hand pressed down on the back of my neck.  The expression of his desire and excitement made my cunt clench.  

He said it was time to go upstairs.  I began gathering up all my clothes and shoes that had been discarded in a flurry on the floor.  I stood and walked away, but he grabbed me and swiped my legs out from under me.  He kicked me and then was on top of me, punching my shoulder.  The pain went on and on until I started to cry.  "You like this, huh? You wanted this?"

I agreed that I did, although it really hurt like fuck with a sharp pain in my shoulder that lingered.  

He let me stand up and regather all my things.   

Upstairs, he had me get on hands and knees on the floor.  He gave me enough hard strikes with the cane that I was wiggling a bit in place trying to deal with the pain.  Then he had me stand up by the dresser and he flogged me.  After the flogging, he got out the thick leather belt and began snapping it across my back, ass and thighs.  I was getting really excited by that. 

He pulled me down to the floor again and took me from behind, hard and fast.  It felt amazing and a little painful, just painful enough.  When he ordered me to, I came.

Then I was up again, by the dresser, for more belt whipping.  Master took me to bed after that and fucked me until we were both exhausted.  

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