Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween Hike

Last night I went to a candlelit Halloween hike alone.  Our kid had a date, and he hasn't got his license yet so he needed me to drive him.  As long as I was there, I hiked a little bit by myself.  There was a huge crowd, as this is one of the main events for our town, but I felt more lonely walking there in the dark alone with families and lovers all around who were all having a great time.  

My foot ached.  It was cold and dark.  I tried standing and looking out at the hauntingly beautiful lake with the lights reflected off of it, but I only felt more alone.   I gave up after a short time and went back to my car, where at least I could sit down and be warm.   It was drizzling and near freezing temperature.  I didn't drive all the way back home because I didn't know when the kid would need to be picked up and with the weather I thought it might be less rather than more time.  I regretted not going home though.
 I underestimated the power of youth and interest in a girl to ward off the chill.   It sounds like it is getting serious, since he's already been to dinner with her parents, who it turns out know my Master.  Small town life, eh?   

When we got home it was already bedtime, because Master works all day again today.   I snuggled in next to him, before I'd even finished taking care of the dogs for the night.  They needed one more letting out and feeding.  I couldn't resist a naked cuddle and he was so warm.   He kicked me out after a few minutes, and I went down to take care of dogs as fast as possible.

He was still awake when I got back, and we could cuddle and chat some more.   Cuddling led to his hand between my legs.  Which led to... more.  All my existential loneliness was banished like magic.  

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