Monday, October 23, 2017

Part Two: Love, Beauty, and Godliness


A few minutes later, at my Master's instigation, we all got up and moved on to the next room.   She had brought her strap on harness to fuck me with, so they had me picking out dildos from a large selection that they had.  Which one did I want? What would fit?  I had no idea- I never had a choice before, I just take what they give me!  We went with a middle size penis.

After a short bit of socializing, we found another corner of the dungeon and Master had me strip naked and get up on the cross.  He began with a flogging, and soon had Wolfmoon join me.  Master tied a rope harness around my chest, which would be useful later.  He flogged us double handed at the same time.   This felt wonderful. 

I was startled as unexpectedly she fell to the floor beside me.  Travis had come up, unseen by me, and was punching her so hard she'd gone down.  She was on the ground and he was kicking her.  I saw another blur from the corner of my eye.  Someone was moving toward us quickly, but I couldn't be sure if they were concerned about the scene and wanted to keep an eye on this woman who had just collapsed under a rain of blows, or if they were just very keen spectators.  I still don't know, but we continued without interruption.  Master began punching me in the ass.  I kind of wanted to be knocked down on the floor too, but what are you going to say in a situation like that?  "Do me, too?"  That didn't seem like the sort of thing one is allowed to say, so I watched with intense and growing excitement.   I did not see, but I learned later, that he had weighted sap gloves.

We moved to another piece of equipment, a bench, where she lay on her back and Master and I gave her much attention.  I was on the floor on my knees using my tongue and fingers.  Master was doing other things, things that involved a cane, to her top half.  I couldn't see, but I know there was a cane because now and then it would come down hard on my ass, for inspiration I think.

We switched places and then I was on the bench, lying on my stomach.  A hand rubbed my cunt and parted my lips.  Her strap on nudged the edges.   I wiggled back against her, trying to find the right angle.  When it entered me for a second I wondered if I shouldn't have picked a smaller one, or asked for some lube, or something!  Because that was a little tight! Another second later and I knew it was going to be ok.  It felt amazing.  She must have gotten a core workout too, because this fucking went on and on.  I came several times, and got louder and louder until Master stuffed some panties in my mouth.  Not my panties, btw. 

  Sometimes it hurt, but it was all a good pain.  We switched positions so I was lying on my back.  I rubbed my clit as she fucked me again.  So incredible!  Master came up to my head, turned my face toward him and I sucked him as I got fucked.  OMG.  This was better than my imagination. I was back down on the floor eventually.  Master had beat her with the cane, and I could see how warm and red her ass was.  I kissed her.  My God that is a beautiful ass.

We took in turns doing all sorts of things to each other.  It was a good thing they had put a tarp down because everything on top of it was soaked.  She pulled out and they had me down on my knees in front of them, sucking on both in turns.  Then both her and I were on our knees.  After some more fucking, Master told me I could go sit on Travis' lap.  My knees were shaking and my legs barely able to hold me up.  I was welcomed into an embrace, which was super cuddly for about one minute before the hurting began again.  Biting, mainly.

I bit him right back, when he asked me to, and he loved it, encouraged it and asked for more and harder.  Grrr, am fierce (haha)!

 I didn't leave enough marks.  Except on his leather pants, oops.  It was a good thing for me that was not a "You wet them, you buy them" situation.

I had no idea what Master and Wolfmoon were doing at that time.  I wasn't looking.  I asked him later though.  Hot :).

This was a fantastic evening!  So much anticipated and enjoyed!

I love my friends.

 You know what we did the next day?  We all went to a Lutheran church supper together, which felt a bit bizarre and incongruous to me but we had a great time there as well.    I feel like I might belong more in a church that is covered in naked sex sculptures.   But I do like lefse.

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