Monday, October 9, 2017

TMI Tuesday -Fill In The Blank

This is a fill in the blank TMI edition, so my answers are the underlined part. 

1. I am me because being someone else would be too difficult.

2. Kittens will never, ever do laundryAnd you can't make them.

3. He was grabbing ice cubes and shoving them in my cunt. Hey, it's happened.

4. Ok, ok I’m really happy to be home tonight .

5. The charming puppy got in my car and came home.

Bonus: Tell us about places where you’ve been happiest.

In bed with my Master. I wish I was there now. Sadly I just got home from four days out of town and he had to go to work.  But tomorrow we will have a good time.  I missed him a lot.


  1. Re #3 - did it burn?
    [see my TMI answer to the same question]


TMI Tuesday

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