Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sick and nearly useless

Yep, I'm still feeling terrible.  I would really like to be back into my old routine now that I am home.  I pretty much get dizzy when standing up, though, and have a splitting headache the rest of the time.  Besides my whole face is melting off in a stream of mucus, and my eyes feel like two piss holes in the snow.

I did manage to do some laundry today, keep the fireplace stoked with wood, unpack some of the things from our trip, take the youngest child to the doctor and roast a chicken for dinner.    I'm considering doing the rest of the chores, if I could just get up.  

So, there has obviously been no kink or sex going on here lately.   I feel too bad to even miss it, which is saying something. 


  1. Sorry to hear your not well, plenty of rest, the chores can wait!


  2. Not only can they wait, but they will breed when your back is turned :( Anyway get well soon xx

  3. You should see the size of the dust bunnies growing in the corners. I know they are breeding. Unfortunately not all the chores can wait, the animals still have to be fed, but the sweeping can.


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