Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Activities

The evening of the 31st Master spent grumping at a particular website for not cooperating with him.   He had been trying to get some work done, and it was not going to work no matter what.

When he's grumpy I (rightly or wrongly) assume that he has lost any interest in doing anything fun with me.   We turned in, and I snuggled up to him, but I had no real hope of anything beyond going to sleep.   

After a couple minutes of silent snuggling he told me he wanted a blow job, and if I did really well I might get a beating.    I think I did pretty well, anyway, I had to go to brunch the next day with a bruised upper lip and sore behind.  *Grin*  

We drove down to visit some friends that we see every few months.  They had hosted a New Year's party also, but because of Master's work we didn't attend that.  Brunch started about the time we got there (almost noon) and lasted all day.   There were all sorts of games for adults and kids alike.  Master wanted to play bridge, and I was nearly enlisted to play (I don't really mind, but I'm not that good at it.  He'd rather win).   He found some others who wanted to play that game more than I did, so he was happy to trade me out for a different partner.  He and his partner kicked butt, too.  

Instead, I played this game--  The Great Dalmuti  --with a large group, including our older kid.   The object is to try to attain and keep the highest rank you can, and to avoid being one of the "peons".     Funnily enough, I managed to do really well and keep the Great Dalmuti chair for several rounds.   I mostly avoided being a peon, unlike at home, where I'm always the peon.  


  1. I love you, and would have been happy to play bridge with you, even if you don't play at my level. But it also gave me a good laugh at how quickly you ducked out. Besides, we kicked butt that night, even if it was all partner's points. Bridge is like D/S: one partner takes the tricks, and the other is dummy.

    1. Hi Master! *waving at you* I'm glad you got to kick butt at bridge without me. I'm not even going into that turning tricks/dummy thing you have there at the end.


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