Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crying Cheerleader

After fondling me extensively, Master took me upstairs for some whipping.  I was crouched on the ground as he used the driving whip, and I was just beginning to relax into it when he switched to the tire tread paddle and told me to spread my legs while he was hitting the outsides of my thighs.  

"Wider!"  I spread 'em a good amount, I thought anyway.  

"Wider!" and a bit more. 

"Wider! Spread your fucking legs!" 

 Now my knees were really far apart.  The outsides of my thighs were burning because he was smacking them the whole time and I cringed at thought of the paddle between my legs, but I kept them open.  He brushed it lightly, then a little more firmly, but the big cunt smack did not come.

Instead he told me to stand up.  He whipped me a bit more standing up against the dresser and then he got the clover clamps out. 
He attached them and I barely trembled.  Don't worry, they get worse the more he leaves them on.

He videoed me while making me do a little cheerleader routine.  I had to go through it several times before I was doing it right and he got a good video.  It went like this, with him telling me to jump on each letter, the clover clamps bouncing painfully:

Give me a K! 
Give me an A!
Give me a Y! 
Give me an A!

He was chanting Kaya! Kaya!  And I was crying and hiding my face.  

She is going to get such an inflated head from all this that Scott will have to beat her extra to get her back in shape, I'm afraid. 

That would be so sad. 



  1. I've got some questions for both of you:
    1. Are you Republicans or Democrats and do you always vote the same?
    Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
    2. Are you religious?
    3. What's your heritage?

  2. YIKES! That sounds painful and embarrassing as he's video taping you. Did he send the vid to Scott?


    1. He had me post it on Fetlife. I had to practice the cheers again last night, as I'm not giving enough animation or bounce to it. hurts!

  3. LOL..i love long as it is you and not me!
    hugs abby


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