Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Things

Someone asked a question (on Fetlife) about the little things that go on in one's relationship that make other people say "I wish I had that" and I was totally stumped for a bit.  Mainly because they weren't talking about people on Fet, or people who read blogs, but just people who are our friends.  They weren't talking about the S/M or the sex, or the power exchange, or anything extreme like that, and anyway we don't talk about that with vanilla friends.

 I was stumped because when people say things like that it makes me hideously uncomfortable.  I have no response.  I have had people say "You guys are so lucky to have each other, to have this kind of connection for so long" and I want to say a dozen or so inappropriate things, so instead I say nothing at all, or "Yes, we are".

They don't get swoony over the fact that he's an awesome father, because in our circle of friends (vanilla) being a good father is expected, not the exceptional thing.  

The last time I went and hung out with any vanilla people it was with Master's co workers (I'm pretty lacking in social life).  One of the young women was talking to me about her failed boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and asking how Master and I made it work so well and for so long.   

I'd had a few beers, and this just kind of slipped out "Oh, I just do everything he wants".  And she asked "Really???"  I said yes, and she just nodded and said "I guess what ever works for you is good".    I think I may have blathered on for a while about love and trust and communication, refusing to give up or let go, and knowing in your heart that you want to be with someone more than you want anything else, because BEERS- I don't get more than one very often.

So, anyway, on to the real point of this post, which is all the little things he does that make me feel special.

Calling me upstairs for no reason other than to pin me against the wall with his hand on my throat for a kiss.

Letting me kiss his feet in the morning only after I've sucked his cock and he's wiped it off using my hair.  And then hitting me with his belt as I kiss his feet.

Giving me a kiss every morning after breakfast.  Then asking me if I enjoyed last night, and when I say yes, he says "Yeah, because you are such a fucking slut". 

See, our vanilla friends would just not get the happy feelings that gives me.  

There are other little things too, all the time.   He may say that he doesn't do much for me because it is not all flowers and chocolates, but his little looks and touches and smacks on the butt are worth so much more.



  1. 'Then asking me if I enjoyed last night, and when I say yes, he says "Yeah, because you are such a fucking slut". '

    awwwwwww! mine says similar, makes me gooey every time!

  2. Its a difficult one, well it shouldnt be, its like when im with girly friends and it might come about that one of them is moaning about their partners, generally i dont contribute and i certainly dont run him down, out of respect for him..yeah he irritates me at times but i dont voice it to vanilla they see me or rather us as having this perhaps 'perfect relationship', they will make the odd comment that implies that.

    But thats not the case at all, i just wont man bash him.



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