Sunday, March 15, 2015

And MORE nipple clamp fun

Yesterday, Master made some videos of me with the clamps, and getting caned, and wearing the rubbler bit gag (and drooling!) and blindfold while I was riding on top of him.  He pulled on the chain too.  Owie!  They hurt pretty good.   Between messing with the soundtrack (Carpenters and Abba!) and the camera there was a lot of interruption, but we still had a really fun time with it.  Then he fucked me as I lay on my stomach, still with the blindfold.   It was all very wonderful, even the painful clamps (!!) but I'm still craving more.  Heh.  

He was snuggling me this morning and I asked if I could touch myself.  He said yes, but then I still had to wait until he told me to orgasm.  He held my throat, and then his hand over my mouth.  Such a little thing, but so delicious.  

A few orgasms later, I got up so he could go back to sleep.

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  1. Are we ever going to see those videos you talk of?


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