Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Grand Canyon

Yay!  Questions in my inbox this morning (after other things-heh!)!

Thank you everyone!  I hope I will have lots more tomorrow!  

Sub Hub in Phx asks:

What is something you have never done in your life, but very much want to. The answer can be kink, D/s related or not!

I would very much like to see the Grand Canyon.  Master has told me I'll never see it, or that it doesn't exist, but this is more of a joke between us.  See, he's been there, when he was a kid.

When we were moving from Wisconsin to Las Vegas we drove right past it (well, it is a few hours off the highway, but what is a few hours compared to The Grand Canyon?) and I was the only one who wanted to stop and see it.  Master was all "I've seen it.  It's just a big hole in the ground".   My mom agreed with him that she just wanted to make it to Vegas.  And our very first kid, who was a little 1 month old baby said "Waaaaa!"  Can you imagine a worse road trip?  It took 3 days.  Oh yeah, and we also had 6 dogs and a cat in the car with us.   The cat didn't care, but I think the dogs were on my side about the canyon side trip.  Of course, they didn't speak up.

Master said we could make a trip down another time, but every time we made plans something would come up (like a freak snow storm) and we couldn't go. 

So, if it still exists, I'd like to go there some day.


Kaya asks: 

1. Why aren't we neighbors? We should be.

I don't know.  It seems like this should happen.  We have some very nice property around here for sale, and Scott works in another country anyway.  We have an airport.  It's a plan!

2. What's your most memorable scene?

In spite of having many, many memorable ones since and before, it still is the Sunday Morning Whore Show.  That was just too fun.  Repeat! Repeat!  I neeeeeed it.  Here's a link for those who want to see:  Sunday Morning Whores

3. What is the biggest challenge you face in your submission?

 Getting a job.  I have that one little job I'm doing now, but we really need more money than that. 

4. Is there anything your M is not interested in that you wish he was? Is there anything he is interested in that you could take it or leave it?


For the first one, decorative cuttings.  I'd like to try that sometime.  I don't know if I'd like it, but it seems like it might be fun.  He has no interest, which is actually fine with me.  I'm not desperately in love with the idea or anything.  I'd also like to be tied to the bed routinely, or just a lot more bondage constantly.  But that one actually is one of his interests too, I'd just like it a lot more frequent than he does.  Every night, maybe. 

For the second one, service topping.  Sometimes he wants to be tied up for a slow teasing blowjob, or he might want me to top someone else someday, and the thought gives me the willies.  That is just not my thing,  soooo much not me,  but I'll do it if he tells me, because obedience.

5. Do you have clover clamps yet? If yes, what do you think of them? If no, give me your address. :D 

No, we don't have any good nipple clamps at all.  Just some poozly ones that fall off and a lot of clothespins (love the clothespins).  Did you lose my address?  Master was just here and said we could give it to you again if you did. 

 Tori asks:
 1) When playing with others, have you ever been in a situation where you have not got on/liked one of the others or vice versa? if so how did you handle that

Oooh, what a tough question.  Since my blog is public, I can't give specifics, but yes.   I handle it by being obedient to my Master.  I told him up front (this was a few years ago) my reasons, which were all gut feelings and nebulous nervousness.  I still have those feelings of slight unease, that this may be a bad idea, but so far we have had no difficulty playing with the individual.  It's not a physical thing, but a mental one.

Actually, there was another time I was made uncomfortable at a rope demo, while being used as a demo model, not in a play session.  I didn't say anything during, but afterward I told my Master what I was thinking and feeling and said he kind of felt the same way (creeper vibes) and he would not let that person touch me again.   We haven't seen that person since then.  It would have been awkward for me immediately after to see him again, (what would I say? Should I say anything? What if he tried to touch me?) but now I think it would be ok.  He probably wouldn't even remember us.

I have no idea if anyone has been uncomfortable playing with me.   No one has said that, or refused to play a second time.  

2) Would both of you or either of you ever consider a permanent poly relationship..as in all living together?

Yes, if the right person came along my Master would consider having another live in slave or sub.  He's not actively looking though.  He knows it would be a lot of work.  Raven Kaldera's book, Power Circuits was an excellent read if anyone wants to learn more about people who are doing both poly and M/s relationships.   As long as I got along with her, I'd be up for it.  It is important to him that there would be harmony and agreement in this.

3) What would you consider your strengths as a slave?

I'm devoted, pretty easy going and mostly drama free, mentally and physically as sound as could be expected.  I like to be obedient and pleasing. I'm pretty malleable, but not incapable of expressing myself when needed.  Plus, and Master would probably put this at the top of the list, I'm very sexual and quite slutty, given a little encouragement.  

Anonymous asks:

 Your limits are those imposed by your Owner, however, is there something you could absolutely not do? If so, what and why?

There are many things I could not physically do, things that nobody puts on a limits list because they are too outrageous.  Lift a car. Fly.  Run 600 miles at one time.  Things like that.  I also could not jump off a cliff, unless it was a really short one or I was wearing a safety harness.  This is because back when we first discussed me giving up all limits, Master said I was under no circumstance EVER to jump off a cliff, not even if he ordered me to.  So, that was an order, and I will not do it.

Thank you all, this has been fun, and difficult too!  


  1. Brilliant answers, i would like to see the grand canyon, bit more difficult us being in another country though!

    I have just seen the question you have asked me! bitch:) now that is a difficult question lol


    1. I figured it was only fair! Maybe I should have asked your favorite movie instead ;P.

    2. Thats ok, March has a long way to go yet...im thinking lol


  2. I have seen the Grand Canyon. It really is just a big hole in the ground. :P

    Of course I've lost your address! I've only just now gotten my own address memorized.

    That really was a great Sunday. I think about it often. :)

    1. Well, ya, but I hear it is a very wonderful and awesome hole. A hole to beat all other holes. I'll send you a message.

  3. Just wanted to say i wish i was more like you when it comes to playing with others, we are working through it because its something he is keen to get back to...im a stress head..im guessing you worked that out lol


    1. I have felt a little stress now and then, from not knowing what is going to happen, and not knowing how other people will feel about various things, but mostly it is fun for me.

  4. The canyon is on my bucket list as well-everyone in my family has been but me! I'm missing out on the giant hole in the ground, damnit!

    Loved your answers!

    - Sassy&Submissive

  5. Thank you for your answer to my limit question, I meant more some of the more black slope or "extremes" activities out there within BDSM. lol. Not jumping off a bridge/cliff/illegal. Say your Master had thoughts on something that absolutely repulsed you turned your stomach and made you go eek past the normal bunny in head lights moments and how would you handle that? If no way on earth could you see yourself doing it, although you follow a your limits are his.

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