Saturday, March 14, 2015

All For Kaya (I hope this does not embarrass you)

He was on top of me, fucking me, and I was wearing the clover clamps.  They hurt, but not an unreasonable amount and I was totally right about being fucked with them on being way better than just wearing them around the house and not being fucked.  For one thing, he moves them around a lot.  First one on each nipple. Then one down to my labia.  Then both on the cunt lips.  Then back to my nipples.  This gives each part a little relief, right?  A start of pain and then relief, all the while there is the pleasure of sex.  The pain makes the pleasure all the more intense. 

Then to my shock he moved one of the clamps to his own nipple!  Now we are connected by the nipples and he's pulling back.  I think I might die.  You can't die from nipple pain, but I think I might anyway.  "You pussy," he says "It doesn't hurt that bad". 

Then he shifts his clamp to the other side of his chest.

"Ow! Fuck that hurts!" he exclaimed loudly as he took it off instantly and put it on me again, both clamps on one breast now,  fucking me like a demon.

I admit it, I laughed.  

I told him he probably just didn't have it on right before, which is why it didn't hurt at first.  

This is what they get for allowing slaves free speech. 


  1. I'm not embarrassed at all!

    The one and only time Master put a clover clamp on his own nipple, it lasted less than a second, he thought it was AWFUL, and then he wouldn't even put them on me for a long time. lol

    He's over that trauma now, obviously. Damn.

    I can't wait for the video version of this post. Whee!

  2. They are kinda awful, aren't they?

  3. That is wonderful. Sir tried his whip on himself once and it hurt so bad he jumped around the room for five minutes. I laughed myself into so much trouble. But it was worth it.

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  5. I hadn't read this one… yet… but it made me laugh so lovely!


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