Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Limits in Kink

Follow up question, and thank you anonymous for this one!  I will attempt to answer as well as I can.

Thank you for your answer to my limit question, I meant more some of the more black slope or "extremes" activities out there within BDSM. lol. Not jumping off a bridge/cliff/illegal. Say your Master had thoughts on something that absolutely repulsed you turned your stomach and made you go eek past the normal bunny in head lights moments and how would you handle that? If no way on earth could you see yourself doing it, although you follow a your limits are his. 

In the BDSM/kink realms, like with other aspects of life, we share our thoughts and feelings constantly with each other.  He is more likely to be squicked by something we see pictures of than I am.

   For example, anything that involves a lot of blood or any vomit he does not want to see.   Barf does gross me out, and it's not something that I would ever intentionally want to play with, but if he thinks something is that bad, he's not going to want it in our play either, not even just to torment me.   Blood doesn't bother me.  In some cases it can be hot.
Well, except for ATM.  He had me do that a couple times, just because he could, perhaps an an exercise of power or humiliation, but not on a regular basis.  It didn't even phase my stomach; I was just kind of "Oh, ok, I can do that".  

There are many things that used to gross me out, or that I thought "No way in hell will I do that" that don't even bother me at all now.  It is often just a matter of getting used to it, and then getting to like it.  It's how this stuff works for me, anyway.

I welcome any more questions or follow ups from ya'll!  



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