Friday, March 20, 2015

House Elf Play

We were joking the other day about what "house elf play" would be like.  I think I would definitely be Winkie (the house elf in Harry Potter who dreads freedom) rather than Dobby (the one who tricks his cruel Master into freeing him- giving a house elf clothing frees them magically).

Master said it would look like this:

Winkie says "Oh look, Master has given Winkie a used condom.  Winkie doesn't know if this counts as clothes or not?"

(It doesn't.)

And here I was thinking "house elf play" sounded like I could get all the chores done magically without effort.


  1. You can come and be my house elf if you want :)

  2. I love HP, but dunno if I could get into this, funny or not. Though, I can see the slave appeal!


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