Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Begging For It: KOTW

In most ordinary situations I'm not allowed to beg for anything.  Once he's said no, that is a no and that is final.  

But when were in the middle of a sexy scene, then it can be a great turn on to hear me begging for sex, or more beating, begging for an orgasm or ass sex, or even occasionally begging him to stop.   

Sometimes he'll order me to beg for things that I don't even want.  That is pretty hot for me too. 

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  1. Yeah, the begging for things that we don't want. That's Sir's new thing. Not sure how I feel about it. I am hoping I graduate to hot eventually. Good post!

  2. Like you, a no is a no....end of.

    But if i ask for something and he says "perhaps" thats pretty much a signal to say..'if you want it enough, beg for it' i think begging in this situation demonstrates the power exchange, that he has the power to deny or allow me what im asking for.

    ewww the begging for things i dont want..yeah he loves that, and a teeny part of me does to!

  3. It never occurred to me that begging for things I don't want might be a thing. Eeep!

    xx Dee

    1. Oh yes! For some (like my Master) it is definitely a thing. I'm pretty sure it is about power/control.

  4. I think begging after you have been told no is not really begging but just whinging and pestering.... but when you do it and they get THAT look in your eye... HAWT


  5. I agree, no means no. as for begging for something I don't want, I hope he doesn't read this and get any ideas!


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