Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saturday Yumminess

Saturday started out with some pancakes and bacon.  After breakfast Master was giving me one of his "looks", the smoldering kind, and just the look inspired me to come to his feet and kneel. 
 I rested my head on his thigh while he played on the computer. 
 I don't know how long I was there, but he'd intermittently tease me by pulling my nipples or checking inside my pj bottoms to see how wet I was getting.  He let me touch his cock also.

It felt like he was teasing me for a VERY long time.   He had me talk dirty to him.  Once I asked plaintively if he wanted to beat me and fuck me now, but he said only "Not yet. Later."   I was so drippy and swollen-cunted I could barely walk across the room normally.

When he finally told me to go upstairs, he was right behind me punching me in the ass.   I stripped.   He tied my arms behind my back and took out the tire tread paddle.  He used it on the fronts and insides of my thighs, and on my cunt as I stood in the middle of the room.  It was painful even though he wasn't striking as hard as he does sometimes.  The ones that fell on my ass and backs of my thighs were much harder, to make me whimper.  When he rubbed the rough part of the treads across my cunt it felt amazing.  A rough pleasure.  He told me to come and I did, squishily.  

He propelled me to the bed and shoved hard as I reached it so that I fell forward on my face, helplessly unable to stop myself with bound behind me hands.  He manipulated me here and there like a great life sized doll, pushing me onto one side to cane my ass and thighs, then rolling me on my back to attach several clothespins to my labia. When he yanked them off one by one he made me orgasm again.   

He rolled me to my side again, and after more spanking with his hand and stick, he put me on my back and moved one clothespin right over my clit in an extraordinary pleasure/pain sensation spot.  The fucking was so intense that way.    I came hard several times before he removed the clothespin and rolled me over to my stomach to come inside me.   

He wasn't done yet though.  He used the misery stick on my breasts, which was extremely painful, especially the one direct hit on my right nipple.  I checked later to make sure the nipple was still attached properly.  It's a bit purple, but still on there!


  1. Gotta love the weekend! Glad to hear that you both are releasing stress. Have a wonderful Sunday as well.

  2. I so need mornings like yours, scrap that weekends like it, got family staying.....kink is on hiatus until they leave on Wednesday.

    ps i messaged you on Fetlife, hope thats ok?



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