Friday, March 13, 2015

I was good for his use

And I feel so much better today.  All that "ick" has been cleared out of my brain, after a good paddling and fucking last night.   

I hate being sick.   He felt my forehead when he came to bed and thought I felt hot.  I did a goofy grin and said something like "Yeah, I'm all hot!"  So I guess he figured if I was able to joke he'd fuck me, fever or not.   

First I sucked him for a long time while he looked at porn.
Then he had me fetch a paddle for him.  I laid over his lap as he spanked me.   He also used a cane. 
It felt so good, good and ouchie. Then I was on my stomach the whole time he was fucking me, and he went on for a long time, hitting that one happy spot deep inside, pausing to use the paddle on me, then going back to slow fucking, or fast and then slow, slow and then fast. 

I don't know how or why this clears my head of all the negativity so well, but it does.   Still feeling sick, but at least not so sad and half shattered anymore.

(PS. He wanted this post titled "Too bad kaya still has to wait two more weeks," but I'm not that mean.  Oh, wait, I guess I am.  But he did say he'd make that video for you to try to atone for the meanness.)

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  1. I gleefully accept his offer of atonement. :D

    "I don't know how or why this clears my head of all the negativity so well" Haha, hello, masochism.


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