Thursday, March 26, 2015

Message, Arrival, Finale

His message from work, simply "Having a good day? Oh, and #10 tip tonight."

I had just reposted this little gem from Sarah Silverman .

I love it when he flirts with me from work. :)

Hours later, I was in the middle of cooking dinner (baked chicken, stir fried vegetables and rice) when he arrived.  I bounced up to him, as usual, and started chattering on about my day.  He was standing very close.  He pulled my hair back and said quietly "It is talking to me like it's a person.  It had best remember what it is..."

 I pretty much melted into a puddle of goo at that point.  

Then of course we had to go about our evening as usual, with cooking, dinner, and clean up and homework and baths for kids.  

Until they were all asleep and he put on a movie.  It was Nymphomaniac, which I do NOT recommend.  It's a very slow movie, and pretty dull really.  But it does have a lot of sex, so he fast forwarded to those bits and watched them while I sucked his cock.  It has a LOT of sex.  It is pretty much dull unsexy sex alternating with dull conversation.  And no whipping at all (sad face).   He pushed my face down to his crotch.   I had much more fun sucking him until my neck and mouth ached and my knees ached and my feet were asleep from kneeling.   He put me over the couch arm and fucked me, but I was quite dry.

A bit later I waited, head down/ ass up, on the floor in our room.  When he came in, instead of speaking he walked around behind me, flipped my robe up and told me to close my legs.  This is a kindness, to keep the belt from hitting my exposed cunt.  After this, he had me stand and strip, then he attached the clover clamps to my nipples.  He'd like to pull the chain around the back, and tries to pull my poor nip off, but the chain won't reach that way.  So it goes on the front.  Then he took one of my 5 lb dumbbells and attached it to the chain.  I'm scared he's going to let go of it, but he just allows it to give a good painful stretch before removing the clamps.  Whew!
 He bent me over his leg and hit my ass a few times with the tire tread paddle, until I was dancing about.

I wasn't dry down there anymore, that is for sure!  

He told me to lie on my back, and got out the long handled driving whip.  I covered my eyes as he flicked it all across my body.  He dragged the paddle across my cunt, licked me there, made me come.   Once we were in bed he fucked me quite sore.  There was a wee bit of weeny struggling, but he had me pinned down really well.  I can still feel it, plus I have a new bruise from that tire tread wicked thing! 



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