Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Great big paddle

I got a hearty paddling last night.  And I mean, that if all the other paddlings I've had were painful, then this one was above and beyond.   He used a handled cutting board.  I was crying.  I think he almost felt bad for me.

Then some cock sucking, and beating with a really nasty sort of a cane. On my back and ass.  I was crying some more!  I could barely keep sucking, even.

He also put the new clamps both together on the spot right by my clit (hood, maybe? I couldn't see) and then fucked me several ways.  It was painful.  I came so hard, though.  For awhile the happy little clamps were on my nipples, and then one on a nipple and one on a pussy lip.   And he slapped me a bunch.  
All together, I'd say it made for an awesome sheet soaking night.

He tried the clamps on himself again too, just to show it wasn't that bad, I guess.


  1. Sheet soaking nights are always good, alas the last time our sheets were soaked is coz the damn cat pissed on them...so that dont count!

    clover clamps are not my most favourite thing, unfortunately for me he loves them, especially when in predictive bondage.


    1. It appears that my Master loves them as well!


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