Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Real Neat Blog Award

Fiona at SirQandme has nominated me for a Real Neat Blog award! How fun!  Thank you!  Here are the stipulations:

1)  Put the award logo in your post
2)  Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3)  Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs
4)  Let them know you nominated them

1)  What scares you most about TTWD, and conversely what are you most gratified about your journey through TTWD?

Honestly, the thing that scared me most for the longest time was that he would decide he wanted to stop this thing that we do.  I don't fear that anymore though.   
The most gratifying is how close it brings us, how intimate it is, how much alignment it brings us, and how much pleasure we both get from dominance and submission, respectively. 

2)  What is your favorite tradition surrounding your birthday (or if you don't have one - around a holiday that you like)?

My birthday has never been a really big deal, though I do like cake.  
Christmas is my absolute favorite, even with all the surrounding difficulty of getting everything done.  Coming down in the morning and seeing the tree, making the traditional holiday sweet rolls, eating the sweet rolls, seeing the excitement of the kids at opening presents- those are the best parts. 

3)  If you're home alone, is there music playing, a television on, or quite in your home?

Mostly quiet, though I also play music.  Right now I'm listening to this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCphbDRkZS, which I find unbearably sexy. 

 I also listen to a lot of country music when Master isn't home (he doesn't like most of it- except the Dixie Chicks- he likes them).  He says most of the rest is Jingoistic (rah rah, 'Murica kicks your butt!) or stupid (my wife took my dog and my truck and then they all died so now I'm drinking myself to death).

4)  What's your favorite book, movie and song?

I don't have a favorite book.  I like lots of books, but generally only read each one once, so they don't get a chance to be favorites.

My favorite movie is probably The Princess Bride.  A close second is Bladerunner.

My favorite song changes regularly.  Currently it is this one:  Adele -Set Fire To The Rain.  I'm in love with her voice, and also think she's gorgeous.  Who knows what it will be next week?

5)  If you were 18, found your blog and read it, what would your reaction be?

I can't quite decide if I would read with horrified fascination or immediately turn to a different page on the web.  I was really not into porn at that age, but have always been into stories of extreme power differences.   Possibly I'd skip through and read the less explicit entries.  

6)  What qualities, do you think, is your significant other is most attracted to in you?

Tits, definitely tits.   He also loves my devotion, my obedience, my goofy sense of humor, and probably some other things.  But mostly tits.

7)  What is your favorite toy to make you cum?  What's a fantasy of yours using that toy?

The Hitachi magic wand is just like magic that way.  I usually come in less than a minute.  My fantasies usually revolve around groups of slaves being in bondage, humiliated, fucked.  Generally I'm in the group, but the other people are all random and generic.  

I'm having the most trouble coming up with new, interesting questions!  

Here are my nominations for the award, fantastic bloggers all:

Pillow Talk- mcKitten 

Under His Hand- kaya


Taming of L- Master49

And the questions for you:

1.  What was your favorite vacation, who did you go with, and what made it the best?

2. What is the best flavor of ice cream?  Does your partner/other half agree with this?  

3.  Which would you rather have- a trip to Sea World alone or a hang nail all day?   

4. Which  kinky things would you leave out of your toy bag if you were allowed to choose on an over night trip?  Or in the case that you always get to choose, what would your submissive leave out? 

5. Favorite dinner?

6. Most prized possession?   

and lastly, finally, the end question:

7. Do you usually have a higher or lower libido than your partner?  


  1. Love your answer to number 6, i do appreciate your sense of humor, quite often i have a chuckle, i think as much as one takes their relationship seriously, being obedient etc, you have to be able to have fun with it, and be able to take the 'piss' (no pun intended lol) in a way that is not disrespectful.

    and tits....yeah mines a tit man as well lol

    1. The funniest part was when he read that question last night, before he got to the answer, he said "I have three words for you: tits, ass, cunt". I got the first one any way!

  2. Great answers! Thanks for playing along!!! Loved 6. Very thoughtful. For your hitachi, are there attachments that you like?


    1. I don't have any attachments, I just use it "as is".

  3. Thanks for the nomination. I promise to get around to the assignment in the next few days.

  4. Thanks for the nomination. I promise to get around to the assignment in the next few days.


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